Using Video To Reach Your Target Audience

At Cineworkz, we understand the psychology of video marketing. We know which types of videos will increase your brand awareness and which type of videos will help you convert those all-important sales and we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Build Brand Awareness

Brand Videos

Connect with your audience, demonstrate your core values and bring your brand to life

Education Videos

Provide your audience with expert knowledge that adds real value & builds trust.

Explainer Videos

Capture those crucial search engine ‘how to’ questions & potential new customer base.

Generate Quality Leads

Culture Videos

Show your audience who you are; the fun bits, the everyday, the behind the scenes!


Testimonial Videos

We all look for validation before making a decision. Take it one step further.


Product Videos

Demonstrate the value of your product or service & the problems it solves.

Convert & retain customers

FAQ Videos

Don’t let anyone get away! Provide all of the answers a potential customer is looking for.


Live Videos

Keep your current customers engaged and reaffirm your expertise and brand.


Instructional Videos

Emphasise attention to detail, by providing post-purchase guidance and support.

The most popular videos made by marketers in 2021:

Explainer Videos
0 %
Presentation Videos
0 %
Testimonial Videos
0 %
Sales Videos
0 %

Source: WordStream 2021

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of customers would rather learn about products and services via video
0 %

(source: social films)

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Video Marketing works most effectively as part of a long-term marketing strategy